John Cole, CEO Founder

As a magazine publisher, musician, and graphic designer servicing small and large book publishers for over 45 years, John witnessed firsthand the industry’s challenges surrounding marketing and distribution with the internet’s increased usage. In the past small publishers could make money with physical products marketed and distributed through stable channels. As internet customer participation grew the dominant brands boomed focusing on a globe of users with conveniences, including efforts to be more inclusive markets shifted. Businesses that could quickly adjust strategies left small product producers farther behind. Social media’s scale and financial position dominate marketing media, giving the impression that these structures are settled technology. Are today’s social media settled technologies?

Presently the PI continues gaining volunteer consulting from multiple sources including Arrowhead Center, CNM Ingenuity, ActivateNM, NM Angels, Vela/Wood Legal, David King CPA, and other tech-involved concerns.


NMSBA $20k grant partnering with the Los Alamos National Labs to research security and a decentralized financial data system, and Central New Mexico Ingenuity to build the explainer video to be released in spring 2023. Awarded a CNMI professional membership.

Malachy O'Connell, Full Stack Developer

Specializing in Ruby.