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Both positions are reliant on funding from a National Science Foundation SBIR grant. The Phase I initial market focus will be on New Mexico’s book publishing environment.

CEO: Full-time

Qualifications: MBA candidate with the desire for building a global internet business. This includes a want to scale with investors, understanding term sheets, clear communication and presentation skills. A team leader and willing to set up appointments and perform in-person data gathering.

Evaluating data for accurate strategic positioning utilizing key matrix for clear decision making. The candidate will have an expansive view of marketing. They will want to lead teams utilizing project management skills. They will evaluate other potential candidates for roles with a variety of required skills. This candidate, working with the founder, will organize, prioritize, add insights, and act on team development for Phase II SBIR. This will involve selecting services best suited for the project and reviewing messaging to all teams inspiring transparency to toward a positively motivated community. Furthering the financing, working with the founder, the candidate will be involved in other grant opportunities including the Phase II SBIR proposal, and relations with angel investors and VC capital.

CTO: Part-time during Phase I SBIR grant

This is a management position that requires technical savvy and project management with clear communication skills with a desire to assist teams of developers, including selecting appropriate code and coders for each section of Regions Media, and clarifying the architecture. The candidate must be familiar with cloud services, including Linux Kubernetes systems with micro-services for scaling deployment for developers, DevOps, and security teams test and confirm software. Responsibilities researching and project-managing subcontractors prior to Phase II. This associate will coordinate gathered data, UX/UI decisions, security, and schemas for database structuring, and providing final research results in Phase II preparation.

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