Our purpose: We believe the road to sustained existence for musicians is too expensive, too hard, and useful information too scattered. We exist to unite musicians and fans for a fulfilling experience within local markets by providing an effective means to communicate in music genres of choice, and provide a door onto the globe with inspired fans.

Here is a tool where local and global fans can earn by sharing in a social setting within their hometowns. A win-win for musicians, and music fans.

Grow together, behind the idea of building economic diversity, empowered by underserved individuals in hometowns everywhere.

Interested in joining our team? Contact John Cole: E-mail.

Percolator at El Farole

John Cole: Founder, lead developer

John is a long time graphic designer with a musical soul. He was a publisher having worked years building other publications, books, and catalogs.

In October 2015, John started to learn PHP, CSS, and MySql ... bootstrapping Muezbiz. This initial working product includes everything necessary for a social media environment to establishing stores, adding product, uploading creative content, events, a buy path, sharing, archiving, sales reports, and messaging across communities.

In the summer of 2018, John was awarded ABQid’s lean startup workshop at ProjectY in Las Alamos. In the summer of 2020, John was awarded participation with the Arrowhead Center’s NMFast program learning how to submit for SBIR/STTR grant. Coached by Del Macky, the initial pitch was accepted by the National Science Foundation requesting a full proposal. The proposal was submitted December, 3 2020 with the possibility of being fully funded around the end of May 2021.

Biography: Publisher including content management, designer, production, quality control, writer, photographer, ad sales, and delivery of Santa Fe OneHeart magazine, 2009 – 2012. Specializing design and production for art books and catalogs for various publishers including The Smithsonian Institute Press, The University of New Mexico Press, and Museum of New Mexico Press, 1982 –. Publication designer for many local magazines, 1987 – 2009. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1981 – 1985. Rhode Island School of Design, BFA 1979. New Mexico Military Institute, 1971.

Malachy O'Connell: Developer at large. A full stack developer with a focus on Ruby.

Malachy has volunteered time to occasionally give this older guy some much needed help. I met Malachy at a Santa Fe Incubator start up event in 2013. We continue to meet at the Code4 Meetups.

Music is the first vertical market

Muezbiz’s basic outlook and structure including revenue sharing focused on regions within interests is the beginning of possibility. The world is full of vertical markets where neighbor’s interests align, and can choose to mutually profit.

John Cole

John’s portrait above, was taken by Santa Fe, New Mexico photographer Coad Miller.
I was playing mandolin at El Farol during Tone Forest's Tuesday night blues jam.