Muezbiz Provides Musicians and Fans:

Local Music Support within Music Genre Specific Social Media, Mashed Up with E-commerce, Filtered by Region

Our Belief: The road to sustained existence for musicians is too expensive, too hard, and useful information too scattered. We exist to unite musicians and fans for a fulfilling experience providing an effective means to communicate within local communities in music genres of choice, and provide a door onto the globe with incentivised fans.

Who can participate?

List of services

Muezbiz is where member’s can find out anything musical on Folk, or Jazz, or Classical, etc. bulletin boards in their hometowns and beyond.

Pin anything musical onto local genre specific bulletins. Create an event listing, upload roadshows, and reuse easily. Set up a band, social, or equipment, etc. bulletin board in a “club.” Members from all over the U.S. can select to join, then participate in updates and virtual events.

Muezbiz is a marketing and distribution website where local music fans, if they wish, can become representatives making money sharing a world of uploaded digital music, merchandise, and general seating tickets.

Muezbiz enables anyone to profit while helping content creators to do what they do best ... make music.

New members can remain a fan, or easily select to become a music “Publisher” or “Representative (Retailer)” by finding the pull-down menu next to their name (at top right of screen). Once selection has been made, members are directed to their appropriate pages.

All memberships are free.

Music Fan

As a fan there are many useful functions to enjoy, such as: directly messaging other members, very inexpensive advertsing, adding comments and replies, find local genre specific events, and even learn or teach others musical techniques. The most important is now you can buy content from a local representative.

Content on Muezbiz is member driven with uploaded videos, links to YouTube, sound files, record covers, fan photos ... whatever is appropriate. The site is a social site focused around interests, and member regions. Muezbiz is a very open door with checks and protections members can use to avoid bad content.

Music Retailer

When selecting to become a Retailer, the member is directed to a page where they define their music stores. They can have one store for each genre, up to 12 stores. Once the store is declared, Representatives easily add “Collections” of favorite artists work. When a Retailer participates by pinning in their local time line, an icon appears next to their image, allowing other members to access the Retailer’s store. Members can now buy digital content from local Retailer.

Music Publisher

“Publishers” are forwarded to a page where they define “Collections” uploading music, merchandise, and general seating tickets. Collections are defined in two parts: sharable and saleable. Once a “Collection” is defined, Publishers can inform all or a specific genre Representative with one message. Representatives see a highlighted menu where they can easily search to add new collections. Publishers can have as many Collections as needed in any genre. Publishers content is available to all regions Representatives.

Music Non-Exclusive Copyright

Copyright is essential and is why Muezbiz is non-exclusive allowing content to be “channelled” through without any restrictions. With Muezbiz, once a Publisher (artist) uploads their content, the site notes the time and date. This copyright date represents exact legal proof. The same applies if artists simply choose to demonstrate a musical idea within a local time line conversation. The copyright remains with the original owner. Muezbiz will never lay claim on copyrighted or licensed content.

Muezbiz confirms with each publisher their copyrighted material is theirs and is copyright free either through their own issuance or legally licensed, protecting the site from potential infringement conflicts.

Music Travels from Region to Region Sharing Pins

Sharing is how music gets passed around. Starting with regional bulletin boards, members expand publicity by pinning, including pinning genre specific Collections. Sharing pins and Collections into clubs, enables members to introduce their favorite music to the world. Participating in clubs allows members to share pins, back and forth from local boards to global clubs. Around the world music travels.

Music Events

Events appear in regions calendars where performances are held. Musicians can now easily take control of their publicity. They can broadcast performances into a very rich calendar including YouTube links, band images, even links to other related websites, such as a ticket site. Once an event has been uploaded, it can be changed at any time. Updating events are accessed from the top menu under Archive selection. From the Archive page, members can adjust information including changing the event dates or venues, allowing them to use the same post over and over again.

Music Advertising

Advertising is self-service. Follow the form to specify region to months of contract. Upload an ad image, and change anytime during contract period. When contract expires, a renew form will appear.

Music Archive Access

The archive page, mentioned above, also allows members to change a conversations posting and move any conversation to the top of their region/genre specific page.

The Problem and an Answer

Muezbiz is helping relieve the expense of entering into the music market by allowing motivated fans to pickup the banner and run with it. There are a lot of promises in today’s world, most are very unrealistic. With the advent of newer do-it-yourself recording capabilities, more musicians can take advantage of the sites abilities to spread their music organically. Young bands can grow from the garage outward.

The real issue the site addresses is enabling local members to make money. Why buy from today’s huge distribution models? Now members have a choice to support someone local, a fan they might actually know.

This site is designed to help musicians. It is also designed to help local fans everywhere. What if someone famous started to upload their content? What if your neighbor could make money sharing that famous individual’s Collections? Muezbiz redefines publicity, and distribution into the future with the goal to benefit many, instead of the few.

John Cole

Founder and lead developer

If you wish to message me directly, use our Contact Us form.