Interested in Donating to Muezbiz?

A cause you can feel a part of.

I passionately believe in economic diversity by empowered individuals.

Muezbiz enables many individuals to play an active part helping musicians to grow from ground up. With your help, we can help many people’s dreams come closer to reality by empowering participants in a way they can enjoy.

Simple examples: What if a stay at home parent could bring home a little money sharing music they love? What if an individual musician can share their growth within their local community? What if people who like to be nasty online, have to face their hometown community?

I have spent many hours, with volunteer assistance, creating a channel to help musicians, and music fans, everywhere bring more music, with more advantages then what is being offered anywhere today on the Internet.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, in taking into consideration to “Support Your MusicHood,” a means to reach out everywhere.

John Cole

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